Develop Music and Language Skills Through Our Courses


Musiglots offers a wide array of courses to fit all ages and skill levels. If you are unsure which course is right for you, contact us today so we can assist.

Lessons for children

Preschool Music and Movement Classes
For ages 3 to 6
Based on the Kodály Method. Click here to read about the Kodály Method.

Pre-instrumental music classes are effective in introducing young children to key musical concepts to become tuneful, beatful, and artful. In this way, each child has an advantage before beginning to learn their instrument.

Through unaccompanied singing and active participation, a student can begin to acquire skills essential to all musicians: musical memory, inner hearing, true intonation, and harmonic hearing. A sequential, cumulative, and developmental program, based on an aural-vocal approach, is the most inclusive and effective way to develop musical literacy.

Group Piano Introductory Course

A short taster course for children and teenagers that want to try the piano, but are not yet ready to commit to private lessons. Learn the basics and get a sense for the piano with other children just like you.

Group Theory Classes
For students completing AMEB exams, all grades offered. Face-to-face and online classes available.

Group Classes for Preschoolers
Learn language through play and songs with basic greetings and expressions. Target languages offered are French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, and English as a second language (TESOL).

Private Instrumental Lessons
All ages! Learn from our highly experienced teachers.

Our lessons are structured and productive, yet with an emphasis on the individual and their interests. We feel that students need to feel at ease so that they can be relaxed enough to really learn well, and that development of a rapport with each student is vital to any educational success.

With the goal in mind for each student to really enjoy the music itself, to get to that point requires much dedication. Therefore, we seek to facilitate that process in the most enjoyable way. There is a lot of progress, but also laughter in our lessons. Past students have had tremendous success with AMEB, Trinity, and ABRSM exams, gaining full marks in HSC performance results and gaining roles in Opera Australia.

Specialisations include Classical piano, Classical singing, Jazz piano, violin for beginners, musicianship, and theory.

General Knowledge Blitz
Become an expert at analysing your own pieces. Topics covered are music periods, form, keys, styles and composers.

Improvise You Own Way
An introduction to reading lead sheets for older children and teenagers, with tools and techniques for developing your own style.

TESOL Tutoring
One-on-one tutoring of English for non-native speakers. Learn from a qualified TESOL teacher!

Speech and Drama
Learn how to give speeches confidently and meaningfully with our speech and drama classes.

Adult Jam Series: Online Group Lessons!

No Experience
Adult beginners
Tickle the Ivories - Have never learned to play music or the piano before. This is an enjoyable introductory course for all the adults out there who always wanted to play a song on the piano. Meet other adults who will go through the journey with you.

Some Experience
Adult refresher course
I Think I Can - This course is for adults who used to learn to play a long time ago, but either don't remember what they learned or lack the confidence to get back into it. This course is adjusted according to levels and interests of the members who join, and full interactivity is incorporated to include the many varied interests of the group as it develops.

Adult Jazz Piano Introductory Course
I'll Do It My Way, Thanks! - Begin to learn the basics of improvisation and Jazz piano from the beginning. This course is suitable for adults who have already learned to read music on a basic level.

Possible pathways for beginners are: Tickle the Ivories and I Think I Can.

Scale and Chord Mania
Stepping Up! - For budding Jazz pianists, get those scales and chords under control! Learn to play everything in every key! The goal of this course is to enable the emerging Jazz pianist to be able to play in all keys of the cycle of fifths. This will open the door to freedom in improvisation.

Lead Sheet Legends
Learn to read and play lead sheets with ease. This is a flexible course, and members are welcome to nominate favourite songs that they always wanted to play.

Just Pop!
For lovers of Pop music. This course focuses on learning pop songs only. Suggested songs and techniques will be included, but members are welcome to nominate preferences.

I Got Chops! 
Interactive improv course building on previously gained knowledge and techniques, with interactive jam sessions. Suggested songs and techniques will be included, but members are welcome to collaborate.

Adult Theory Class
Now I Know What the Notes Mean - This course is for adults that would like to supplement their learning of music notation in an instrumental class with understanding the theory fundamentals behind the notes they are playing. This course is suited to adults who are learning to play piano for the first time, adults who have been playing for a long time but didn't learn music theory, adults who are interested in learning to expand their skills into Jazz piano, or anyone that really just wants to learn theory. Options for exams are available at the end.

Music History
Learn about the evolution of Western tonal art music from Ancient times to now.

TESOL Tutoring
One-on-one tutoring of English for non-native speakers. Learn from a qualified TESOL teacher!