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Learn the Language of Music and the Nuance of Language

About Musiglots

Experience and Expertise

With years of experience, our music educators have taught many students in both group and private music lessons, and also TESOL and other languages.  Our group music classes for children provide a thorough foundation in the basics of music: pitch, rhythm, and the development of audiation, also known as the ability to think in sound, or inner hearing.  Many of our private instrumental students have gone on to achieve outstanding results in the various exams, including the HSC, and successfully auditioning for Opera Australia.  Equally valuable achievements are those that have enjoyed learning music as a hobby to take the pressure off their other pursuits, and for the wonderful benefits on development and the sensory system.  Many of our language students have benefitted from practice in English as a new language while learning music at the same time, and others have wanted experience in speaking and singing in languages other than English.  Our adult students have learnt instruments and languages for the first time, and others we have helped to regain their old skills and develop them further.  We have experience with all ages and abilities.

Our Preschool music classes are aligned with the proven Kodály philosophy, including music of the Classical Greats, along with folk songs in English and other languages with a focus on music, and these classes are taught in English. In our Preschool language classes, your child will simultaneously receive exposure to music from Australia and other cultures, participating in selected cultural experiences and stories in addition to acquiring the skills to meet, greet, and use basic expressions in the target language.

We promote an understanding and appreciation of many cultures in our global environment, while our little Musiglots benefit from the developmental advantages of learning to think in musical patterns and to appreciate the value of being able to express themselves in a different way with cultures other than their native identity.

Our teachers have studied in such diverse institutions as International House, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Alliance Francaise, Macquarie University, Kodaly Music Education Institute of Australia, Goethe Institute, the University of Sydney, the Gorin Institute, and the University of New England.