We Sing Language. We Speak Music.


We Sing Language. We Speak Music.

Experience Cultural Diversity Through Unique Music Classes

Our Mission

At Musiglots (musi{cian} + {poly}glots), our experienced music and language professionals put your educational experience first. We are proud to provide excellence in music tuition for all ages, along with a high-quality, comprehensive, pre-instrumental music education experience embedded in enjoyable and immersive cultural activities to prepare your child for a global future.

Our goal is to share the joy of music in all its forms and also connect to the world through the sharing of language, folk music, unique cultural experiences, and of course, the universal language that is music.



Musiglots offers courses for all ages and experience levels. Whether you want to learn a brand new language, learn how to sing, or fine-tune your skills in both, Musiglots has the perfect course for you!

Classes for Children with Special Needs

All services provided at Musiglots are all-inclusive, and we have had many students and members of various abilities learn successfully through our programs. We also have teachers trained in special needs, so rest assured that your child will be free to learn in a safe and inclusive space. For assistance with therapies related to music, we recommend Sense to Perceive:

At Musiglots, both music and language are our passions. In our capacity as music professionals, we offer music classes in Sydney along with music classes online. We are always striving for excellence, but we want music and singing to be a medium of expression available to everyone and can be appreciated by all. Our singing lessons in Sydney have proved extremely popular as too have our jazz piano lessons online and classical piano lessons online. The online classes give you that added freedom to learn a new skill or enhance an existing one.

We believe that music should be accessible to all and our preschool music class in Sydney has unearthed some genuine talent that will unveil some very talented musicians in the future if nurtured correctly. As this proves, you are never too young to start learning to appreciate music, but equally, you are never too old either. Our high-quality and comprehensive music courses in Sydney and music courses online are available to all and range from pre-instrumental music education right through to coaching for professional musicians.

Music can be very much a cultural experience and an awakening of the senses. Our singing lessons in Sydney and our group music lessons in Sydney have really helped bring likeminded people together to enjoy an immersive musical experience. Piano lessons in Sydney help to dispel the myth that pianos are reserved for the elite when, in fact they, these magnificent musical instruments are available and should be appreciated to everyone.

Our objective is to not only develop stars of the future; indeed, several of our students have gone on to successfully audition for Opera Australia, but to share the joy of music with everyone. Music courses in Sydney and music courses online allow the world to connect through music and language in a variety of forms such as folk music. It enables people to communicate regardless of nationality via the universal language that everyone appreciates, which is music.

We are immensely proud that many of our adult students who have attended our music classes online or taken part in piano lessons in Sydney have learned an instrument for the first time. We have also seen people who perhaps sang in the shower, but never in public have the confidence to showcase their talents after they have attended singing lessons in Sydney. Jazz piano lessons online have also helped to take already talented musicians onto a new level as too have our classical piano lessons online.

If you would like more information about music classes in Sydney, a preschool music class in Sydney, group singing lessons in Sydney or group music lessons in Sydney, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can call us on 0467 750 034, email on or alternatively, contact us directly via our website. One of our excellent tutors will be in touch with you and discuss what you are looking to achieve as well as explain our courses and answer any questions that you may have.